Slots Tips for Enjoyable Play

May 16th, 2015 by admin

Here are slots tips to make one’s gaming session a lot more enjoyable. Although there’s absolutely no way to make players win more no matter what sort of slot machine one plays with, there are ways to make the entire experience a more enjoyable one. The slots tips below will help players enjoy the game even more.

Watch the Pay Tables

Paying atttention to the pay tables on each game of slots will help people gauge how often it will come up with winnings. If there are a lot of winning combinations on the pay table then chances are that the machine will have a higher winning frequency than other slot machines on the floor.

Use the Slots Card Always

The player’s slots card does not provide any advantage to anyone during a game. However, using it frequently earns players more points and eventually more comps from the casino. Use if often enough then it can earn its user useful comps such as free tickets, lodgings, and even a free meal. These are ways in which a casino rewards its loyal patrons.

Pay Attention to the Slot Candles

The slot candles on top of the machine help people figure out the denomination of the machine. There are different sorts of slot candles for each denomination. Dollar slots usually have blue colored slot candles. The machines that play quarters have yellow colored slot candles. Some nickel denomination slot machines have red colored slot candles.

The idea here of course is to identify the slot candles and the denominations they represent. After that, players ought to play the slot machines with the denominations that they can afford. This is one of the practical slots tips anyone can use.

Remember – Full Coin for Progressives

Another important bit of slots tips for anyone is to always play full coin on a progressive machine. The big reason why people play a progressive slot machine is to have a chance to win the huge progressive jackpot. And the only way to get the chance to win that huge jackpot is to play at full coins.

Record Your Losses in Slots

Remember that the IRS automatically gets a report when people win a slots jackpot that go over $1,200. Yes, they will tax that prize money as well. This is why players should keep a log of their losses. It can be used to offset whatever winnings are on record especially when tax time comes.

These are some of the useful tips that people can use when playing slot machines. They will eventually help people enjoy the game of slots in the long run.

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